'I'm an open book; turn me one page at a time to unravel my story..'


At the age of twelve, I joined a beauty contest in a small barangay called (LHO) Little Hawaii Organization. It was my first time and I didn't know what to do. They taught me how to pose, smile, walk and greet the people and the judges. It was one of my significant experiences because I had won a lot of awards and I was crowned as Miss Teen LHO 2000.

I joined a beauty pageant again for the second time, it was way back on December 2001, I did not won the contest, however I was able to get in to second place, and my cousin got the first place.

And finally, my third and last beauty pageant, I had a lot of confidence and I thought that I was going to be the winner because of my past achievements but, unfortunately; I wasn't able to win the contest, a lot of people said that the judges were just bias, it's what they called 'lutong makaw' because the questions that were given to us were in order and it's not randomly selected but it was fine, the experience was worth it.
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