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I Was a Nurse

I finished my Swedish language and wanted to continue my Nursing career but I got pregnant with my second child, so I have'nt had any time to read swedish medical books.


I was a Nurse but in Sweden I am actually not. I need to study their language first and foremost and there are so much things I need to do before I will be a Registered Nurse here in Sweden.

I took up Dentistry and studied for only a year because I shifted to 'Bachelor of Science in Nursing' (BSN) and now I am already a Registered Nurse.
 But still, I want to proceed and become a Dentist or maybe a Doctor someday because I really want to help people especially those who are in need.

I took the Nursing Licensure Examination on December 2010 and the result came out on February 19, 2011.  I thought I would never make it because I seldom attended the review since my sister and her daughter came home from Sweden and I want to spend this few weeks/months with them.
I really enjoyed our vacation outings with my family and passed the board exam. God is always good. :)
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